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Getting Serendipity to work with Windows Live Writer

After installing the XML-RPC plug-in, I couldn't get Windows Live Writer to insert or update blog entries. After a week of trying and debugging I found out that the plug-in uses a boolean where serendipity expects a string.

In the file /plugins/serendipity_event_xmlrpc/ I just had to change line 1600 from

$entry['moderate_comments'] = serendipity_db_bool($serendipity['moderateCommentsDefault']);

$entry['moderate_comments'] = serendipity_db_bool($serendipity['moderateCommentsDefault']) ? 'true' : 'false';

Additionally I had to create the media directory "Windows-Live-Writer" in the Administration panel.

Funny, that my .NET blog starts with a PHP-related post Zwinkerndes Smiley


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